Tours on Crete


We start our exploration by visiting the magnificent monastery of Panagia Kera, which played a major role and suffered significant damage during the Cretan Revolt.A splendid monument of architecture and iconography, it operates as a nunnery and it gathers pilgrims from all over Crete.


Our next stopover is the Dictean Cave, a caveof mystic atmosphere, impressively adorned by large columns, stalactites and stalagmites. According to mythology, the Dictean Cave was the birthplace of Zeus, the father of gods, and also the place he was worshipped.

Moving downhill, we come across the village Psychro, a famous pottery centre. Even today there are lots of pottery workshops, where we can watch the skilful craftsmen make beautiful ceramic pots.

A legendary cave, the Cronion Cave, is our next stop. Cronus, Zeus’ father, used to live there before Zeus’ mother moved him to the Dictean Cave to rescue him from his father’s rage. The cave is said to be guarded by a giant dragon and no one is allowed to enter. It is a cave of great archaeological value, as it was used as a dwelling, a burying site and a place for worship.